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Target Audience

This workshop is designed for scientists and clinicians, including physicists, engineers, computer scientists, radiologists, rheumatologists and orthopaedic surgeons, and students working on pulse sequences (rf coil design, image reconstruction, musculoskeletal and body imaging), MRI technologists, clinical investigators and anyone pursuing imaging of OA.

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For years, we have been trying to understand osteoarthritis from the imaging point of view. We now have a large amount of imaging and clinical data available on osteoarthritis and it is an optimal time to move forward and expand on our understanding of the disease.


This workshop is a unique opportunity for scientists, researchers, regulators, interested members of pharma and others to meet and have an in-depth and open-minded discussion about the best way to advance the field of osteoarthritis imaging. 

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Three of the best young investigator presenters will be awarded monetarily by the Scientific Committee.


We will have the opportunity to deliver the IWOAI award to an individual who is considered a luminary in the field of osteoarthritis imaging.

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