The mission of ISOAI is to coordinate, promote and foster the advancement of scientific research and clinical practice in osteoarthritis imaging. Imaging is critical in both the diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis.


Clinical and epidemiological studies characteristically utilize imaging-derived inclusion/exclusion criteria as well as imaging based outcome measures.


Our goal is to provide the resources and an interactive platform through our annual conference, membership base, research, partners and education sharing to further the science of this disease that affects billions of people world wide.

Furthering science... seeking a cure

The Annual Conference - IWOAI

The International Workshop on Osteoarthritis Imaging provides an interactive environment for those interested in osteoarthritis imaging to learn and network. Next year's conference will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from June 30-July 3.

The Journal - IJOAI

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Education -

A resource library of past presenter slides, abstracts from previous workshops and available to our members an online forum for collaboration and innovation in the name of OA Imaging.

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Research -

Funding and sponsorship opportunities supporting the mission.


Be part of the mission


Become a sponsor of our annual conference, IWOAI 2021 will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands from June 30 - July 3. This conference is dedicated to provide an interactive environment for those interested in osteoarthritis imaging to learn and network and has been held for 13 consecutive years all across the world.


Participants represent the diverse scope of the field and include professionals from specialties including medicine, surgery, radiology, medical physics and physiotherapists, as well as a broad array of professional backgrounds including academia, and industry.