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Types of Membership

Active Member - $175 annually

Active membership consists of physicians, allied health professionals, researchers and other scientists and professionals in all other branches of medicine who have a substantial interest in the causation, diagnosis, management, pathology and treatment of osteoarthritis. Each applicant for Active membership must, at time of application, be actively practicing in a trade, industry or specialty as it relates to osteoarthritis and may reside in or outside of the United States.  

Types of Membership

Student Member - $99 annually

Student membership consists of individuals that are enrolled in medical school, currently completing a medical internship, residency, fellowship or enrolled in an accredited graduate program.The Graduate/Resident Programs from which Graduate students will be eligible for Graduate/Resident Student Membership will be determined by the Board and set forth in a Board approved policy. Graduate student members may remain in this category until the attainment of a Graduate degree and or completion of their Post-Doc requirements as approved by the Board.  

Types of Membership

Associate Member - $125 annually

Associate members consist of individuals that may not be wholly dedicated to osteoarthrits imaging but have an interest, due to their trade in the subject matter and could have a positive impact on the mission of the organization. Associate members are elected by the Board upon nomination by the members of the Board and only those persons eminently qualified to further the organization mission will be considered.

Types of Membership


Honorary members shall be chosen from physicians, scientists or other individuals outside of the Society who have made outstanding contributions to the furtherance of the understanding, diagnosis or treatment in osteoarthritis through imaging or who have made significant contributions to the Society. Honorary membership may be granted to persons who have distinguished themselves in the research, medicine or allied sciences relating to osteoarthritis imaging. 

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