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Mukesh does well in his studies and passes out of the prestigious ILS School. While on the way home he meets with an accident and is hospitalised with a fractured leg. At the hospital he meets Rizwan, a rich boy of a leading family. Rizwan is attracted to Mukesh and makes advances towards him, with Mukesh rejecting the advances. Mukesh returns home and meets Rizwan's father, who is known to Mukesh's aunt as a business tycoon. The family does not have a healthy relationship and so when Mukesh's aunt dies, the entire family is thrown out of their house. Soon Mukesh is forced to move back to his aunt's house and start over again. Now feeling alone and heart-broken, Mukesh decides to visit his friend, Dushyant, who lives in an upper-middle-class family. Dushyant informs Mukesh of his cousin, Riya, a young girl who lives with her mother and uncle. In fact, Riya is the love of Mukesh's life. After the deaths of his parents, Mukesh no longer has a family. So he seeks the help of Riya's uncle to get her married to him. He plans to leave Riya behind for good if his plan does not work. Riya and Mukesh fall in love with each other. Before she can leave, she learns that Mukesh will be moving to Delhi. Riya then makes up her mind to run away from home. Riya's uncle is upset with her for coming to him. He says that this is not the first time and that he had her sister married to someone else. He then says that he will marry Riya to someone else if she does not return home. In the meantime, Mukesh is left in an empty house alone. He finds a book that Riya had left for him. As he reads it, he finds that it is a story written by his mother when he was little. His mother in the book talks about how her family was rich and how they also lost everything because of the greed of her family. Mukesh decides to get her back by following the directions of Riya's uncle to Riya. He sets off to a small town, where his mother's family live. While there he finds that the entire family, including his mother and Riya's uncle, are dead. Mukesh is shocked by this discovery and realizes how much his mother had lied to him. He returns to his




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