Student membership consists of individuals that are enrolled in medical school, currently completing a medical internship, residency, fellowship or enrolled in an accredited graduate program. Student members may resign from the Society by written notice to the Secretary (Executive Director).  The Board may grant Student memberships upon request outside of stated perameters.  


Graduate/Resident Program Requirements.  

The Graduate/Resident Programs from which Graduate students will be eligible for Graduate/Resident Student Membership are determined by the Board.


Rights and Privileges.  

Student members shall have all rights and priveleges including voting rights as set forth by the Board. 


Dues and Assessments.  

Graduate/Resident student members are liable for such dues and assessments on an annual basis. 


Tenure of Graduate/Resident Student Membership.  

Graduate student members may remain in this category until the attainment of a Graduate degree and or completion of their Post-Doc requirements as approved by the Board.  

Student Membership