The Post-Congress event will consist of a bike trip along protected PEI trails and coastline.

  • Attendees will be bussed from Charlottetown to Mount Stewart, the start of our ride. There we will have lunch* consisting of Lobster Rolls and Raspberry Cheesecake.
  • Next we will ride for approximately 2 hours to a little-known beach, where we can hang out and enjoy the sun. There’s also a nice little lighthouse within walking distance.
  • Next we will ride thru Morell then along the PEI coastline, ending in St. Peters. Supper* in St. Peters will consist of Fried Fish/Scallops/Clams & Fries with more Cow’s Ice Cream for dessert.
  • The evening will end with a bonfire at Greenwich Beach before being bussed back to Charlottetown. A great way to end the Congress.

Note: that electric-assisted bicycles are available for those who haven’t ridden a bike in a while. To ease your mind, this won’t be a Tour de France. It will be much more relaxed and accommodating for all ages. *Options will be provided for those with dietary restrictions.

Post-Congress Bike/Beach Trip